Ebay: Listing items,

Hey Everyone!,

So you know that I have to been working hard on getting more items listed into My Ebay,  Now I have more Japanese Mangas, Books, Clothes, DVD’s and on my listings.  
Here’s the link to my listing that from what I have in the list,  Check it out.  Comment down and let me know what you like there.  
P.S there will be more items to comes stay tune for more on the way. 

Successful Created CSS 3 file.

  Valid CSS! 

Here’s my created file that I done moments….man, this is great I done it with no flaws!

Still studing on the missing manual book that my boss gave to me to read up on. 

The Legends and the Thief continuing campaign

Hi Guys!, 
I wanna bring up for my readers that’s been following up on my blog and so you I barely could sit down and type up a blog if I wanted to I would but I been busy for the last two months getting   For some of you know that I been working on catching up on the art on the game and plus the campaign is still running, we have 45 days lefts till its over.  The real update is that we have been getting backers for the campaign that have contributed, I thank you for dose who have, but most that haven’t heard about it.
Here it is.

The Legends and the Thief Update 1

Here’s our latest update from Konseption Unlimited more visuals will come in the future.

…and make sure to like the facebook for current developments


The New Apps on Xbox Live

So far I’m liking what xbox live has to offer now in the market place, one of my favorite apps are HBO GO and crackle because both have tons of different videos to offer,  I like it!, its great! but when everything that you see on xbox that want to use,  Everything requires you to have GOLD! so for all you silver members….tough luck! (because recently I had to cancel my subscription to Xbox Live).   

First I want to talk about the video apps that they have,  You got plenty of options when it comes to videos.  You got HBOgo, amazon, crackle, VuDu, Manga and etc that they have it the market.  they have at least about 20 video apps in the marketplace and growing so far what I been seeing in microsoft is all about the apps that they been announcing this year and less to do with the games.  

The bigs games that been talked about are Halo 4, Gears Of War: Judgment Day and other titles.  I can see that they’ll now in focus on the apps…which now at this point microsoft is pushing everything they got for this xbox 360, its not just a gaming console anymore, its a entertainment system or PC if can call it a computer now?  The next thing is Internet Explorer for the Xbox.  

You heard that right….Internet Explorer for xbox360, so far any of the xbox beta testers just sign up are full to this point to even to sign up.  (whenever microsoft do attends to release it I’m sure I’ll on of the first people to try IE).  



Hunger Games (Novel) (comparison with the movie)

Just in comparison with the movie, I think or more or less, I prefer the book better than the movie itself because of the detail Suzanne Collins put in this book and unlike the movie there was things that they did not add movie which I notice a couple of things here and there, The book is more preferable to me.  The story is about girl name Katniss that lives in the slums with her family in poverty in this campground sort en  Like the movie itself way it you see it visually from the movie will be self described from book.  I do remember one thing is that there was some side story that you’ll never see from the main plot of the film.  But for that side its still worth a watch but you know your never going to get the same experiences with the book itself.  But the way felted I know they weren’t add about an hour in film just fr anyone to watch it…otherwise you’ll be to long for anyone to watch the film.  The directors would have to make an extended edition in a way to completely see the whole film,  But that would take along time to get it done from what I understand. I know that the Hunger Games is not in the theaters anymore, if you want read the book first before seeing.  I know I did. 

Grannies Smuggling Heavy Metal Albums

This is one of most interesting reads I read on the net,  Basically music piracy has around before the Napster scene, Pretty much music piracy has been around dated since the 70’s when boarder restrictions had strict immigration laws for Germans to crossover to west Germany expect for anyone that was 65 years or older, Back than rock radio was very big in Germany and people from the East could get the signal from West Germany So that only way that they can get is by having Grandma to to Crossover the board to get the a Heavy Metal albums for there grand kids.

As fun an adventures for the teens back then for there Grandmas to get them their favorite Heavy Metal from bands from West Germany.  Please this is a must read!


New Google + interface!

This is one experience that just blown me now to see Google + working on new things here, this has to be one of the best Friday the 13th of this year,  I’m glad to hear that nothing bad happen to me yet!  but now looking how to doing well…but I like it better than facebooks timeline,  I myself is not a fan of the timeline,  I think the timeline is terrible plus facebook is not going to give you no choice to go back to the old user facebook once it’s released! So in honor of google I praise their success! (clap, clap, clap) .  I’m very happy for that, one I do notice that they a trending tab just like twitter has for their news and top topics and news that’s going on.  To me I would like facebook to had a trending bar to follow the news a lot better than having to hit on the like buttom someones page to get the news.  one flaw I see on facebook,  it’s slowing getting G+ to everyone I know not everyone is going to jump the social bandwagon,  right away,  I feel this the time for people to jump on the band wagon for this site,  I don’t see flaws on G+,  the only stupid complain is that there’s people not liking the white background….But so what! even facebook has so many backgrounds and the blue boring background.  I had a friend told me ones that the blue stands for trust and that’s why facebook has it,  I would like to see in social network site is more custom backgrounds to add on your profile, again this is not myspace! I know when facebook came out! I know it wasn’t myspace, it was something that facebook wanted to do originally,  Google can do great things with now G+ out in the web and free for anyone to use.  Only thing is Google + has only but 25 million users but in facebook there’s about Billions of users now since the facebook trend is not going to die out yet with the activity that goes on everyday.  But the trend is not going to last a long time and who knows who’s going to take over who.  G+ is a original concept from them, Its not trying to be anything like facebook or twitter, neither that I think it’s a copycat,  it takes ideas from other websites but makes it better.  I don’t know I never delete facebook (I still have it)  If I wanted to, I will delete it anyways because it don’t really add anything new to the table.

For now I like to see what else Google does and follow up on the latest from them.