Store Management and Recent Life Transitions.

So far I had a big transition going from one thing to another,  Its really been heavy with E-Bay and projects I have with the game and web design,  I have a tight schedule now that I have been depending on E-Bay to make a income and that’s the only I been getting thru now.  I have been job searching for a while on my bike going around town 20 miles in two towns I been since yesterday Afternoon From Stockbridge to Jonesboro in GA where I live here,  its was a great ride no dough but when I came back home,  I was tried as hell that I had just to jump into bed after words,  Now I’m up uploading listing on E-Bay trying to get a couple of things sold on there. 

 Like Jane’s Addiction’s New Live DVD that I won from a contest,  its was awesome to see that I won the contest and its not like win contest every day here.  Its cool that I got it but I’m not going to keep anything that I’m not going to watch,  beside I’m not a Jane’s Addiction Fan to be honest I like some of their songs but I couldn’t say i’m a fan for sure. 
If anyone want it you can buy it Here.   You’ll be glad that you bought it!  
I’ll be listing in more items tomorrow because I’m tried to be listing this late, since I only had for 4 hours of sleep yesterday.  so now think about it.  I have been up for a while.  
Before I start sleeping I’m going to be listing allot of items that’ll be in the fixed listed and only reason is that its free to list it this week and I won’t be doing auctions this week because of the big fee E-bay slaps on everyone and sure as hell like to be paying for one and now this month i have now go pay one! just Terrible,  If only more people was buying from me….But what can you do about it?  Not much really.  Since I’m still going thur the struggles to paying the bills. I tell you that business is doing decently but its not to bad.  I have to keep posting and make sure that I keep this business active as much as I can.  
(Here’s a tip if you do plan on running your business on ebay, watch for the fees and know what people are going to be purchasing,  You’ll know that here’s so many picky people out there that want to be specific about current items.  

E-Bay Morning Post

For all my readers, 

 I’m going to be doing a lot of item posting thru out the whole  Eastern Daylight Time morning so watch out for more posting thru out the morning! Since I’m conducting my to business right off Ebay so I figure I can do something productive done and start somewhere.  I sell anything from CD’s, DVD’s, games, figures, manga, anime and much more listing if you want go right ahead to check into my listings,  I’ll be posting scheduling it pacific time, PST to be easier on the west coasters out there.  I’ll be up through out the Eastern time. 
Listing are now available!!!

New Horizons Ahead and What’s going on.

So far what’s been going on with me, Let see life here has been well so far but some down has been hitting me,  but some I can’t complain since the problem hasn’t been anything mayor but only minor.  One thing I was a little upset that my friend lost the account for one of my shows that was doing with a friend of mine.  So But the has been lost and it couldn’t been found anywhere and there wasn’t a way to recover the account for that I had no choice but to make new one.  So now our shows is call Kosmic Sphere and you can check it out on you tube now on our first episode.

Its not shown in high quality yet but we are working getting a new camera for the next show, episode 2 which it’s on the works right now and my Co-Host is working on the editing right now, (If you want show your support in following his blog at Ben’s Blog here)

As of right now I’m in control of the account.and memorizing the account information.  So now I have that over control and hopefully I won’t lose it like did.  So far I have updating my accounts and keeping it together and right now been using my browser on my flash drive and using firefox with a portable app that I been using so far I like its very neat and for some reason If I need my personal information then is for you, later I’m going to explain how that works in a later post.  Right now I wanted to bring my video in my blog letting everybody about our show and make sure to Subscribe it, Like it and Share it with friends about the news video we do on youtube.

Oh, one last thing if you like Rock music then you’ll like this band its called Volbeat a band from Denmark and it’s pretty Awesome they have been around for a few years but its a really good band to give it a listen!

This is one band I want to see one day in the states and some festival in Europe it’ll be great to see.  
As of now I’m gonna to do a couple of things before going to bed. This is me on New Horizon Ahead.

Nintendo 3DS 3.0.0 update Inside Thoughts (Future 3DS Titles)

As everyone know that owns 3DS knows that the 3DS update came fews weeks which only fixes minor bugs but with the update it came with the nintendo zone app and a video feature for some that are interested in video recording.  Since it only came out around March of 2011 and I know not allot of games came out for the year of 2011.  But this year there’s a couple I’m excited about and I’m want to get my hands on Luigi’s Mansion 2 for the 3DS, Kid Icarus and Metal Gear Solid 3DS Snake Eater.  I might be missing a couple of titles,  I glad say…I’M SO GLAD THAT BOUGHT IT SINCE RELEASE!!!, I don’t know I don’t never buy a product that it comes out, but ever since the 3DS came I figure it was time for a new nintendo device and I was right! one of the best purchase done since last year.  I became ambassador now I can get free nes and GBA games. one of my favorites has to be Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, it was a Game Boy that came out since the mid 2000’s in the states,  I know Fire Emblem, they’ll think that I might be crazy It has to be on of my favorites included the first Fire Emblem and Shadow Dragon for the DS.  So far the top game for that I’m currently playing now is of course, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones.  I love it allot!, that’s the only game I’m playing but because GBA games became available ambassadors I been playing allot of Dead Or Alive for the 3DS Since then that was the only title I played.

( Just to mention that I’m a DOA fan. Since the second for the PS2, DOA HARDCORE) I can’t wait for the new game come up this year, DOA 5 from tecmo. But I do want to play The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Star Fox and Mario Kart 7, a game that I was playing over at a friends house that I wanted to try out and I hope I can get it this year.

That pretty much it, I hope nintendo can get around working on improving the camera/video so I can send and share videos to my friends,  But I don’t know if that’s going to happen.  But lets just see.

For any Zelda fans thats read this and your going to love it!  there’s going to be a Zelda Symphony touring this year.  For anyone that’s living in the US and that’s planning on going…well this is for you.
Here’s the schedule for the US TOUR

So whatever you do! Get your tickets because I know I will!