Sick, Tried and up to my Feet!

This past week my head was throbbing and started to hurt as hell!  Now I’m feeling 95% better and I’m glad, I’m starting to work on projects with my friends and co-workers, Also I’m still blogging about week whenever I’m up and got something to say.  The hard part about being a blogger is you always have to have an idea for your blog and got to be interesting,  And if it’s not interesting then no one is going to read it at all.  I do want to start travel again in the states and out of the country so can make life adventurous and extremely fun.  I has much I love to talk about life in the wild side, I’m gotta have to start getting ready to work at Wendy’s around 11am.  after I come back home I’m going to start work on couple of manga reviews and start posting them up youtube soon.  Anyway!  This is the blog of the week,  I hope I can get around doing my Nerdcore LifeStyle daily instead, But I have to be commit to do so but hopefully monday I can have a better idea what I want to post.  As of know I got to get moving before I start burning day light.  

Training: Day Two

Today it was hell’s kitchen for me, I can’t believe it as a fast pace environment like Wendy’s it can be exhausting at times,  It’s only been two days of training, but some how I been working for only three hours today,  Its OK for the mean time, for the some reason one of my co-workers thought I was Indian and I’m here  thinking I’m not Indian!, I’m Latino for God Sake I find it funny just how they can’t take that I’m Latino I just wanted to laugh my ass off!  I was in Kitchen building the sandwiches, some how there management is just to shitty in a way that they can’t get my schedule right, I can’t understand that they don’t training before lunch starts  that’s the only problem I don’t get.  I’m just here and how my boss just looks at me wired if I was dumb as hell,  For some reason I get the feeling that I won’t last to long in this job place I’m at…Its money right here getting paid $7.25hr But I still need to make a living some how and this the job that’s going to do for now.

I try not complain but this is not my favorite thing to do at the moment, But I got to stay because right now I’m just nobody trying to become a somebody that means somethings, even if it means to become a writer, painter, actor or a Tech Guru but someone has to start somewhere in this world,  I hope my blog means something everything even if your going through your constant battles in your daily living.  I hoping that sharing the article brings power and strength everyone through my writing.

Two Day Vacation: Miami

I just came back yesterday from Florida, now I’m here in Georgia with family again. With in an I’m going to be heading to work second day in training, I was going to start Tuesday, but what happen is that I was in Florida Monday I knew that I wasn’t going to make the Monday evenings flight. So what happen is that I had to make an excuse to my boss telling that there was an emergency in the family so the boss of mine was OK with it, so it was good that everything went well in my part, The purpose for this trip was to go see Christopher Paolini, the Author behind  Inheritance Series.

But I miss it because it was on a Sunday and I wanted to go see him, but the only problem is that I wasn’t packed for Sunday to fly to down to see him ( Oh well, maybe next time once he starts writing another book). But as of now I’m going to start getting ready to work that’s going to start in a few minutes, Once I come back for work on going to start reviewing Bakuman and Psyren a manga that I just bought this week, it’s been around in 2007 in Japan but I really enjoyed it so far I can’t wait till the Second Volume to come out next year I have to start following it in Shonen Jump again I really like that things there coming up again.  ( Psyren review is coming really soon ) I’m going to posting it up at the Otakuplex Blog.  Where I have all the news coming from Japan, The post will be coming really soon…I promise!