Today’s My 21st Birthday

Well I’m 21 now and feel getting older and just about everyday that how I feel but somehow I have to get use to it,  Its life and today I’m going to do the best I can today and even dough I don’t have nothing planned out exactly but I’m going to try to do everything I can today like…
 Get a Flying Car, Play Video Games a day long or Sky Dive! (just joking no way in hell I’m going to jump out of the plane and do that). *laughs* Even if my mom and my brother is going to be busy today till the evening I know I’ll be getting allot of time to do that.  What my plans are today since my brother is out working I’m going to be playing the Xbox for almost the whole day!  Watch anime online and keep up with new anime that I haven’t watch before….and so fore.  I know I’m going to be having chillax day at home mostly and be getting presents from family and friends and the good shit that they’re gonna get me.  But what I like yesterday that my brother gave me Stephen King’s new novel from the Dark Tower Series, his 8th installment, The Wind Through the Keyhole, which I’ll be taking the time to read his book later though out the day. (later on I’ll be reviewing the latest novel from The Wind Through the Keyhole later on the weeks ahead, So stay tuned)
Other than that it’s going to be fun and exciting birthday so whatever hits me today…will be as fun as any other will be.  
That’s for reading!  Time to head off!