From Hill Tops To Slippery Slopes

I been going thru a lot with months of hardship for many months that I been going thru…and still I had been working my butt off in a Italian Restaurant over in my area I live.  Still in search of hope of I can’t tell how much that I been going thru this.  Just for all you know that I’m still continuing my show on Youtube, Kamicast.  I’m working and working everyday continuing that I’m going to be heading to the top of the world and for some reason due to some reason I end up falling down on my butt on the ground restarting to climb up to the hill again.

Since I’m back continuing the Kamicast productions with a friend of mine again and We are doing this every week on Wednesday so make sure to check us up on a weekly basis. 

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Of course, however…We do plan to make the video’s better every week but We are going to need help if we are going to continue with the shows productions.  I know its been slow for our part due to our personal lifes and shruggles, I’ll keep continuing with or without Ben I do plan to work hard in my part.  But the best thing for me to do is not give up and work everyday till I succeeded,

 If you look into our previous videos I did some cool things like filmed in the car and talked about cool interests around the net. “I plan to do that again!” By the time that you read this post I’ll be working in the restaurant again tonight this weekend around 5pm tried and hungry like some nights”by the time you read this I’ll be working”,  I love to be staying home blogging working on my profile, finishing reading The Steve Jobs Biography and so on.     But that’s how life continues on and on, till I find another job that pays better,  recently I was in an interview at Holiday Inn Express all dressed up impressing the manager that was going to get interviewed to,  Somehow every time I get interviewed you get dose same kind of questions for them every single time that I go….What bums me is that when you finished an interview with does people the last thing they’ll say is “:Thank you we appropriate it sir, We’ll give you a call when as soon as finish looking over your reference” or something that line….NOW ITS BEEN A WEEK and close to TWO WEEKS!  I haven’t heard nothing! Not one word!  I believe they weren’t interested in me ANYWAYS.  That’s what I’m getting sick is having to hop from job to the next and somehow you can’t anywhere!  its amazing that they couldn’t have hire me sooner over the holidays,  just because the manager was sick from the flu, what’s the deal with that?!  UNBELIEVABLE!  I can’t believe that somehow Congress are not doing much to help people that are hurting out in the world to support families that are in need to work!!!  SERIOUSLY? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM!!! 

I’ll be starting work soon and getting ready, but the show still goes on!!!

New Horizons Ahead and What’s going on.

So far what’s been going on with me, Let see life here has been well so far but some down has been hitting me,  but some I can’t complain since the problem hasn’t been anything mayor but only minor.  One thing I was a little upset that my friend lost the account for one of my shows that was doing with a friend of mine.  So But the has been lost and it couldn’t been found anywhere and there wasn’t a way to recover the account for that I had no choice but to make new one.  So now our shows is call Kosmic Sphere and you can check it out on you tube now on our first episode.

Its not shown in high quality yet but we are working getting a new camera for the next show, episode 2 which it’s on the works right now and my Co-Host is working on the editing right now, (If you want show your support in following his blog at Ben’s Blog here)

As of right now I’m in control of the account.and memorizing the account information.  So now I have that over control and hopefully I won’t lose it like did.  So far I have updating my accounts and keeping it together and right now been using my browser on my flash drive and using firefox with a portable app that I been using so far I like its very neat and for some reason If I need my personal information then is for you, later I’m going to explain how that works in a later post.  Right now I wanted to bring my video in my blog letting everybody about our show and make sure to Subscribe it, Like it and Share it with friends about the news video we do on youtube.

Oh, one last thing if you like Rock music then you’ll like this band its called Volbeat a band from Denmark and it’s pretty Awesome they have been around for a few years but its a really good band to give it a listen!

This is one band I want to see one day in the states and some festival in Europe it’ll be great to see.  
As of now I’m gonna to do a couple of things before going to bed. This is me on New Horizon Ahead.

Google Play, The New Name in Market

As a lot of you have known that Google change the market name to Google Play, so instead of Android Market, now it’s call Google Play…So what’s that purpose to mean you might ask? well it’s a marketplace that is available for the browser and for google members only. The only thing they did was add a new tab between maps and youtube on the top, So let’s say that you want to get something in the market place but don’t have a phone but you want to the market in the browser, but now you can.  it’s pretty much what it is, a marketplace in  the browser.  But the only is differences is the name change.  Since I do use the browser all the time,  I know it’ll be in good use for me anyways and like android,  it’s easy to navigate the site at ease.  
 For some of you that have use the Google phones in the past and name is there automatic with an update on your phone.  That’s the only way you the see the new name and picture icon on the marketplace since it’s not much of a difference in the name on the marketplace that’s same thing you’ll see on your phones.  But have to have to say that it’s pretty cool to see this on the desktop, for anyone that doesn’t have a phone and can now experience it on a phone.  So that’s what I like about this strategy.   I know when this came out,  I know this market has gotten allot of reaction with users and its going to grow more time and time again.  With that said,  There are all ot markets out there like one for example the amazon marketplace I don’t know how it’s going to settle for the most I don’t how many is going for one,  But I love to how it’s going to tune out.  

Sol Cast Podcast

I just want to spread the words to all my readers out there that we have a new show here on youtube call Sol Cast, A new show that we going to be doing weekly every Wednesdays, Here right now is our pre show Episode 0.  But Stay tune for content hitting up every wednesdays and I love to hear the comments down below on youtube or on here on blogger to let us know what you think.  
I hopefully, If we ever get a lot of watchers we might be adding more episode on the way, unless we get big.  

The Future OF Electronics

From now and then, what comes in mind is that there’s allot to be coming later in the horizons I do imagine that there’s going to be allot 3G technology used in many devices that coming in the near future,  But I know that if Mobile/Smartphones has the 3G/4G technology running in so many phone devices I know they’ll do the same with cameras, laptops, Portable going like psp/3DS.  Then again the psvita has 3G in it already in it, (But I don’t know if many is going to buy it for it’s price point).  I know that nintendo is going to think about putting 3G enable in most of the 3DS sooner then you think.  It’s obvious that Sony getting money for anyone that’s using 3G and Att.  I think allot of people are going to stick to Wi/Fi, the one reason is the Price Tag than the features there going to be after.  I know that the PSVITA is coming really soon around sometime the end of the  month, But since I don’t have the money for it, I don’t think I’m going to rush out to pre-ordering right into gamestop to do that…Hell no!  Since I’ve been using my 3DS allot for many months now since the release I don’t know I need to, I’m happy with the things I have anyway, I’m an Ambassador with Nintendo Since I can get as many free Classic Games.  So far  I have at least…23 titles and haven’t been playing most of most them, I been playing 7 out of the 23 titles in the 3DS I been using, sometime I barely can touch the games  I playing since I don’t have the time to go through most of them lol. (Laughing).  At the moment I’m thinking of waiting down the road for let’s say…December for the Christmas Season to arrive to get a PSVITA.  I did do believe one thing is that I know computer are going to be more user friendly and more features will be added too.  I will have to say this for both portable device and desktop users.  I know allot of people will be traveling back and fore, I see that their going to need laptop or tablet for some sort entertainment to enjoy themselves while they’re out in Car, Planes and Trains traveling, both  planes and trains are now capable with Wi/Fi that I can see that with Cars since kids are going to be using laptops, Tablets or Gaming devices around with during their free I can imagine (laughing).  I expect cameras/camcorders to be a fundamental in this digital age since You got Youtube, Metacafe, and Dailymotion to be a big thing for uploading and sharing with friends the videos that you like, Cameras are still selling, it’s going be around in the market for along time I like the quality on camera better than the smartphones because some of them look like crap now, I know there getting better with the quality,  but I like the cameras better, because I think it’s time they start doing 3G/4G in it.  If they do it, I’d be happy, the amount of people that are blogger are writers and Vlogers on Youtube.  Everything I hear about how technology is evolving every day is now happening from what I believe.  I predict that’s what’s going to happen soon.    

My Site VS My Friends Site

Looks like I’m going to be blogging up again this week more and more that’s coming down on my mind,  It looks like my friend has been blogging up and proud to see that my friend is getting back into the blogging busness again and keep in touch on what’s going on with him.  I know it can time consuming to type up a blog but it been said that you can do this for a living.  I like it cause I’m going see about doing this on a daily basis I hope I can soon in the near future that I can have more content flooding into me.  I have say, he has done a good job so far.  I like his website skills in his website check it out. This is Ben’s Website one of my friends I know personally so now I’m sharing the love and everything that he’s posting and going a real good job on it, I’m not just say that, it’s great! He does it daily and now keeping it up to date!  So show your support by Subscribing on the left side of the page or follow him up by using any reader that you use.

As far as updating my online life I have been working on the youtube page for my other channel Otakuplex Channel (If you like anime, manga and make sure to subscribe and follow up to me…if you want to!)

Neongrey101 <—- for anyone that interested into Nerdcore Vlogs can sub here on youtube.

Right now I’m going to be listening to more Judas Priest
Victims of Change

This is my webiste for anyone that wants to follow on my projects follow up on your reader, My company is called Konseptions Unlimited, Its a game company that I’m starting off as my main focus with a small team of seven people right now, I’m going to be a little busy time and time again,  I know because before I wasn’t posting anything-zip NANA! but now I’m going keep up with my material and see about posting every couple of days. -This I’m going to be serious about it!  I love to blog! I don’t mind about that,  bringing around with me is a pain,  I love to have the convenience of having the tablet or a ultrabook.  I heard that ultrabook is light to carry comparing to the apple air.

I know from Ben’s blog I know that’s something wrote saying about tablets are better than carry a laptop allot while traveling,  I don’t know if it’ll will if it can handle the compatibility’s of a computer would, then I would like so that happening in the future I do hope to save up for a tablet later on in the future I was thinking in the lines of an Android Tablet, I know that it’ll have flash built-in to the system that’s why I would buy one if I had the money on me to get it.  WHAT ARE YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS FOR A TABLET? 

Stop SOPA!

This has gone far enough!  I don’t know who bought this up in the first place,  But this needs to stop right away!  I don’t know who the hell would support this bill…it needs to go!  This bill is unconstitutionally and Anti-American, this bill is close to being to pass in another month if we don’t do something about it.  Please tell this to your friends and family about it so they can understand that’s It’s going to hurt the Global Economy, companies like Youtube, Google and many more companies and content creator is going to be hurt by this bill.  You content can’t get paid anymore. It means when you upload a video on any vital site, it can be seen by anyone of course but you can’t get revenued by your favorites sites you’d on very hard on, your videos however can’t have background music by your favorite artists.

The rules are going change on any site, however if you were to go against these rules,  It’ll end you up in prison.  “I know that’s something that some of these lobbyist want for you to end up in jail for music that you own personality and have not used any piracy program to steal!

If you guys don’t know what I’m talking about check the infomation below here:


#StopSOAP! I want your support, if you don’t want the internet to be limited!  We don’t know what’s going to happen next month, PLEASE!!! whatever you do go to this website and sign a petition telling them that’s not right!!!