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I’m a little camera shy, sometimes I don’t feel like typing a blog, so I go ahead an post the latest news on youtube  you can check out my channel for blog more and upcoming vlogs check it out and subscribe just to make things interesting I’m going to traveling I’ll make sure that I’ll be going to more events and concerts that I like to see for the upcoming months ahead.

Our Idiot Brother Review

This weekend I went to the movies with my friend of mines like I said before in my last post to see Our Idiot Brother.

It was enjoying since I know it has Paul Rudd one of my favorite Comedic-Actors including cast as Elizabeth Bank, Zooey Deschanel, familiar cast I seen in past movies. Now the film has it’s moments here and there also this film is not for everyone since its an R-Rated title.  The movie starts out with this man name Ned that sells vegatable in the street corner to make a living and with him is his dog Wille Nelson (not the musician, the dog). The very first scene that you see is that screws up by selling up tobacco to a police officer and get arrested for doing that.  After that he gets out of jail for only 4 month later for good behavior, starts traveling back to the farm  to stays at her place.  By the time he arrive there by foot, he went to see Janet (Kathryn Hayn)  and ask her to see if there’s a place he can rent out,  So she said no cause it was his fault for getting himself lock up in jail and also she’s a bitch for not letting him rent the goat farm lol. So now his buddy of his drop him off in his mom’s house since now he has no were else to go.  Thought out the rest of the movie Ned sees his mom and his three sisters, Liz  is married and with two children and played by Emily Mortimer
 The other sister Miranda is a Journalist working for the Vanity Fair, Third Chick is played by Zooey Deschanel playing the Character Natalie works in a deserted club telling sex jokes and the only one in the is her Lesbian Partner, Cindy played by Rashida Jones that actress is familiar she’s in that one movie with Paul Rudd in I love you,  I love the cast here in this film it makes me like this film more.  But there again I know there’s a few flaws here.  That is fun,  it’s not going to catch allot of attention with it’s lack of humor,  It seems draw the movie down a bit,  senses there was only six people in the theater including me and my friend was watching it.  it was parts that it was down wired when Ned was in a party dancing seconds shortly two Bi-Sexual couples are wanting to get down with him and he knows it was so uncomfortable and wanted to do it. all and all the has a good ending to it, Since I’m not going to spoil the rest of the movie for you. just have to watch and see it, it lack humor But I wasn’t so bad at all.I know the main did a couple of some to begin with, it’s a movie not to avoid at all.

This is the only thing I done with Rotton Tomatoes profiles is a blog and one review. I don’t know if I still want to keep it or not.  Its been a year and no activity since then.  *laughing*  Its hard to manage my accounts with so many thing going on here and there. “Woo”.


A Time to Live and A Time to Remember

It was a great weekend visiting over at my friends place that lives thirty-five minutes of outside of Atlanta, so basically he’s lives in the suburbs just like I do expect he lives close were allot of stripped malls and shopping centers that right next to him about ten minutes away from his house. I went to see a movie over at AMC to watch, Our Idiot Brother by Paul Rudd one of my favorite Comedic-Actors I have to say its been while since I seen a good Comedy I like it allot, I wasn’t bad at all me and my friend enjoyed allot. (a review coming very soon) Afterwords we hanged out went to have Taco Bells, it was OK, I thought could have had something better I was thinking Moe’s Southwest grill than we had a dietary smoothie which wash away the Taco I had in Taco Bell…Last time I ever go there to eat. *laughing*  Then we walked all the way to Barnes & Nobles just to look around the shore to see what releases that out on sale nothing came to me with interested at all expect for the manga I was looking with my friend Vinny.  I was wanting to get one I was thinking of getting into One Piece, so how I didn’t want to spend more money at the moment, cause I didn’t wanted to use buy two and one free offer that B&N does sometimes there.  Afterwords I was got snack from Publix and bought me a bag of Ruffles. I like the chip flavor but I don’t wanted to pay almost five dollars for a dam bag of chips! (next time I need to look into the prices) what back home to has place and chill and talked for a bit to let time past.  till then it was eight o clock we didn’t got nothing going now, so we decided to watch Poltergeist and it was my first time watching it and gave me the creeps.

Next Day
Remembering September Eleventh. 
It was Sept 11 it was the most tragic events in American history.  That morning I didn’t know what to expect that morning, back then I was fifth grade working on a morning assignment I while everyone of classmates where working that day.  That morning one of the my teachers co-workers came rushing up to her to tell her to put on the news. So She turned on the T.V and that when I stood still in silence while the rest of class I was talking and being loud the few minutes before the teacher turned the T.V on.  Didn’t know what to say about it, it felted so real that no words can’t express anything like that all.  By the time I was in 2001 watching it didn’t understand why and how this had to be like this,  I was very young at the time and back then I didn’t understand it while I was growing up in Fl then but I understood later on in life that the terrorist was wanting to destroy our American way of life. It was very chilling to see happen on T.V, I know it was something I haven’t seen before.  Now ten years later…So much has changed then with now economy being in debt and high prices for food, gas and everything being so expansive I reuse to keep seeing a country dead in a rut that now debt in trillions to their necks.  I remember the times I was little boy living in Fl,  I didn’t see prices like this sky high.  I do pray that things are going to be better later on unless congress get their asses moving and both parties starts working together.  It was fun over all today I was staying over at my friends places that night because my mom was working overtime,  so basically I was sleeping out over so my mom can pick me up next day.  I have to say it was fun!, loved it, but now I’m looking for a job for the holidays that’s coming up! I’m looking up currently.  This is going to be the last time that I’ll be visiting my friends again till the fall comes. Till then more exciting thing are coming more on your way!

Stargate…Logging Off! 

Plateau Effect

Today It was a sunny day outside, I don’t know if I wanted to school today, so I decide to stay home and get some things done around the house. So I went to grab food for the cat so she won’t starve to death *laughinng*

Also I went to across town by bike, ever since I ride my across town to see a friend over at Mt. Zion I don’t felt tried it’s strange to myself not getting tried, once I started my trip over there not once I stop for a brake on the side of the road have some water.  By I got over arrived I was like “wow I’m not tried once…it’s just incredible!” My friend wasn’t expecting me to come to his place since we plan on for him to pick me up Saturday.  So I chilled for a bit over at his place, I told my friend that I wasn’t so tried I was riding to his place  and mention that I got so use to it. He said “it must be a Plateau Effect it no wonder you aren’t tried”.  Somehow that word got stuck in my head by the time I went riding home, so I check what is Plateau Effect.

 So I change to my decent clothes to start job searching over at his area.  So the first place I start is Verizon wireless. Sucks that they only do online application only, then I went to Atlanta Bread Company to drop a resume there.  Then afterwords I went to Barnes & Nobles, I felt that I’ll be getting the job.  I going to pray that happens I like the customer service, It’s helpful the guy that’s leaving the message for manager to check on the application for B&N and Starbuck…I forgot to mention that B&N has a cafe.  Good thing I applied to starbucks about two months in advance.  ( I know that starbucks app is going to be in the database for 90 days, so I’m going to see about updating it soon)   Then I went to a couple place like T.G.I Fridays, Carrabba’s, Gamestop, Planet Smootie and AMC to drop my resumes and then called it a day.

I went to back to my friends house and chill again at his place for an hour.  I was heading back home to rest and even I felt push it just so I can look for employment. I don’t know what to expect, what I do need is to ready when the time comes.  I know it not going easy and I want to feel it’s a easy thing to do but truly it’s a tough world now, all we need to survive make it through the days ahead to come.  I know I plan to go to AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) to the next couple of weeks that what I plan saving my money when the day  comes I like to go there till the end of this month.  I keep updated, I’m still figuring out if we are going or not.

Signing Off!  

Three Dog Nights

While my day was mediocre I had to dog sit my mom’s co-workers dog for the next three which I have to say this isn’t going to be a long time. Monday is my last day, so all I have to do is wait till my mom’s co-worker arrives back from Valdosta, GA it may not seen much but mom’s friend is going to pay both me and my brother James thirty bucks I felt its not much while I had my time with the dog I was doing must of the work in the house while James was out with friends.  I wasn’t just take care of the dog; I was also taking care of my own cat…I didn’t how I was able to manage to put my focusing own both pet but it sure is work, I would hate to have another pet in the house

while I was working with dog, my cat was sleep on top of my mom’s bed. Few hours later when she came back home I showed my mom the picture of the cat sleeping, boy was she mad *laughing*

Now it’s Sunday it’s the second day of the dog sitting don’t know somehow the dog was quiet most the day but very playful, I didn’t get the time to catch up my reading Empire Of Ivory that I’m almost finished, it’s getting good I’m almost done with the book than after that I’m going to reading Misery By Stephen King soon burrowing from a friend.  The rest of the day I was keeping up with the Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Durarara,  a show I don’t quiet understand,  it’s been nine episodes and still don’t know what the hell is going on! Tonight well have company my brother friend hanging out for the night sleeping over and having fun, while I was having fun playing Dead Or Alive: Dimensions on the 3DS, the game is very fun, but online is a pain in the ass having everyone of them Japanese kicking my ass, *laughing* Well going to sleep of the night to wake up to see a friend of mime in the morning.


The weekly inside

1:17 am
Sat 3, 2011
My Starting point
This is a fresh start for me to getback into writing and that right there is trying being a blogger, so I can havefriends and followers looking into my viewpoints of tech, animation, music andgaming sometime it can be something out of the ordinary cause I know my blogdoesn’t always have to be tech all the time and I like to see if what I can doon a writers point of view.  I want towrite something that I can relate to readers point of views
God I can sometime I complain thatI’ll be like “man I don’t have the time do be blogging and crap” that go’s onmy twenty four hour day to day basis.  IBut now I’m coming to think about it. It’s my laziness that getting away of work schedule I feel that I’m notmaking an effort on my weekly basis, I’m trying that’s not the problem! I thinkgetting back into writing because it’s the easiest thing I can do.  I don’t see no excuse I shouldn’t do it.  But I like what I’m going right now.  But one…it’s to get my mind off the startingup company that I’m working on really hard on. Two lots of things come with excitement more than every week that hitsme possible. *laughing* I’m more than glad to be happy about it; it’s not likeevery day I’m doing this. This is only a start of my blog. Be on the lookout ontech, anime, music, and gaming…sometimes I like to talk about food. *laughing*
*Captain’s log complete!*