Moving to Joomla

I’m going to be making my move to Joomla in a few days and because of GoDaddy I was tried having to pay monthly for a service that I was going to be using and plus with my schedule there was NO WAY! just NO way! was going to be putting down another $5.99 to their service next month,  which I was only putting little use out of and admit that I wasn’t using the wordpress service that much to be quite honest and I was putting down money for a service I was using for little more than 3mons.  Goah!


I liked wordpress for the features that it offered via the tools on GoDaddy,  but since I wasn’t working on my website that much thur their.  In a since I wasn’t much of a professional web designers but since it was recommend to me by my boss in an intern-ship position I was at (but I told that I needed more experience in web design experience to even to work for his company but been told later on once I’m ready I’ll always get back to him).  I have experience in web coding on HTML and CSS.  but only thing is that I haven’t done anything with the domain much just to put down image and HTML code that I was work down 3 months ago.  I found out there just a lot of updating on wordpress.  For me I didn’t think it was easy get around with wordpress tools,  later I’ll just have to look down into the software when I have more time,  in reality people…I don’t even have time to look into software playing around with software as much as I use to before.  For me if I had to fine the time to play around with the wordpress software tools again, then I will.  As a first time user with the wordpress software tools I didn’t think it was easy. but I’ll sure give it a second time around.
Joomla is a good move that I feel that’ll do me well in the future and it’ll be something that’ll be something for me to post more of my creative thoughts together on it.  my link is and it’s up and running online now.
Thanks to my friend Ben, He was able to safe the domain name that he was transfer it to Joomla My biggest credit to him!  His official blog is up as well. (  make sure to share the love and support on his blog.  Thanks for your gifted web skills, I hope I as well to keep up with your level that you’d earned and learned techniques so I can keep up with your level of skill. 🙂

GBA and DS Collection Sale, Sunday One Day Sale!

It’s been recent since I sold my last Game Boy Advance games on Ebay,  So far its been great will the E-Commence Store that’s going thru my Ebay store.

Today’s Sales are,
  •  Final Fantasy 4 & 5 Advance
  • Final Fantasy 1 & 2 Dawn of Soul
  • Dragon Quest Monster-Joker

That’s about it for the moment The two GBA games are Region free so anyone can play it on any GBA system from any country out there.

Also I’ll be posting more GBA and DS including, Dragon Quest 4 Chapters of the Chosen, Dreagon Quest Sentinels of the Starry Skies, DQM-Joker2.  Many more will be posted up later today in my store.

Happy Bidding!!!!

Ebay Minimum Success

Here’s what I have to cheer up for a moment since I have gotten a little bit of recognition on Ebay and I have gotten plenty of people that’s bought books, Men’s Sport Shoes, Japanese Manga and DVD’s that I had in my collection and I’m happy to say that I’m doing steady but not fast to keep me going as a store that’ll financially build up and I have to say thinking about this idea wasn’t a bad idea at all and besides and I loving what I’m doing and I  love it a lot!  That I was able to sell my books and mangas  just fine and I thinking it was something that’ll help me for the long run and of course it did,  If only I could have done it earlier in my teens and of course back in 2008 when I came up with the Name DuoPalShop,  I had it mainly used it for buying but now for trouble times like this I figure I can do this for a living and start selling it and since I’m going to be working a lot online and offline, But Hey! If I get a little bit more successful then the next thing I’ll do is start selling my clothes for extra money, hahaha!!

So far I haven’t gotten anything listed at the moment due to the fact ebay charge for insertion fees Ebay tend to slap you witch I don’t like about it,  But regardless that’s how ebay makes its profits from anyone that’s uploading a item in general,  But I get the funds automatically thru paypal easily enough from there.  I think however it works fine and I know it is better than Craigslist since they don’t have payment options that Ebay gives.  
If your interested into looking into my store you can look it up here.
I posted items on a weekly basis but this week I’m uploading anything at the moment due to the fees that I put up when uploading items, So for the moment I have a couple of household items, Women’s Shoes and several books that I have uploaded, Maybe by Saturday I’ll be doing more by starting by midnight,  I do have Few mangas and Halos uploaded (I’m not so sure if I have it uploaded but I’ll check it out afterwords)  But I know for a fact that I have 94 items listed. so be sure to check it out.
Including my ebay store that’ll keep me busy I have my website work and game development and I won’t be able to update my stuff on it,  But its not going to stop me from continuing selling items of ebay. 🙂   

Ingles Interview and Blog Job…

So far I had my interview since last week,  I tell you job search is so not fun!  Believe me for anyone that’s looking for employment out in this world,  Its a shame that we have to be put into this shameful ugly world!!  Oh god why??!  I wonder why it has to be so tough on anyone that’s looking for employment right now.  It just felt that its troublesome to just to look for a job,  If I had to wonder job,  I’d be blogging! just what I’m doing right now,  unfornately I don’t get many readers in my blog to get myself paid for this kind of crap,  But unfornately this shit does pay me since I don’t have the maximum readership to be reaching any popularity success to the top of the charts of the net (which I do not!!).  So that’s the sad part if I wanted to keep writing as a blogger.  But I have to make my ends meet…do I now?

Wednesday Morning,

I was over at a Super market for my first interview in months in seeking a new job and escaping the horrible nights in as a busser at my Italian Restuarant job I was in, which I never I felt the joy of being tried every night busing tables after tables.  Which inside I wanted that escape so bad!  Ever since my departure from Italian Oven I need to leave in order to work on my web designs. (In the meantime it’ll take longer than I though)  without any source of income I can’t let go of paying off the bills so I had to sell my stuff thru Ebay (I hope some of my readers that’s been following me up knows that I sell stuff on Ebay) so I can get money coming in.  

 Back what I saying…Oh Yea,  The Interview went OK,  so far I thought I did OK at the least,  but I can’t say that it was great either…Solid is the word I can put it,  I mention to the woman that I was this short woman I was being interview by that day,  So far I was really excited that I was going to be doing a supermarket job which I can see that being really good for me, so I can gain more experience out in the field.  I almost feel that I didn’t get the job at all,  I do pray to see I do at some point!  So when I was there I know I had to wait for a while for that small big lady to call me,  I was waiting for awhile I had about two women ahead of me.  I know for that the two girls was just High School Graduates from not long ago.

 A week later,…

 Nothing,…by nothing no news nor an email shown up! really feel disappointed I haven’t heard of her nor any of the Ingle staff.  DAM IT!  It’s just like that everytime I don’t like it whatsoever!  having me my rejected!!   I sit and think what the fucking hell did I do wrong?!  Its like, like this slap in the face,  That get everytime I have to go thru on employers office after time next.  Now thinking about it now,  I might as well start a blog career and blog about everything and about every body for all I know so I move forward in my life.  HOW ABOUT THAT CRUDE DAM WORLD!  I have been doing blogging for a while and maybe I…should.  but I don’t know since I know its not its an easy thing for me to do since  I don’t do every single day.  If anyone that’s a blogger and knows more about doing it,  should pass on some advise to me on how to grow with the blogging community.  

 I’m just getting tried of doing job searching,  If I want experience then give it to me?!  How hard is that to give anyone experience? uh!  Come On? how do I get it?  You can’t on your own, training those piece of shit companies?! Its so dumb that they can’t make the effort to do.  

 For moment now,  I’m going to see about getting paid on blogging,  I want to know how well you can make on doing that?

Star & Dagger, Tomorrowland Blues Review

I have played album that just came out since last week,  I was pretty impress for a band from New Orleans, LA with former members from different bands, Von Hessling-vocal (sublime); Donna She Wolf-guitar (Cycle Sluts from Hell); Sean Yseult- bass (White Zombie);  Gene Trautmann- drums (Queens of the Stone Age, and Eagles of Death Metal),  It’s a kick ass Groove metal record with blues element that you’ll expect from this record!  I first listened to this over at Classic Rock Magazine!  all the tracks are amazing and loving this debut from the trio ladies.  I first heard of star and dagger from Sean Yseult’s website and I didn’t think that she was going to do get back into making music again and I was surprise to hear this debut album.  I loving SO much!!! That this record deserves to be in my collection with rest of my CD’s.  What I’m liking from the record and what shines to hit real heavy is the heavy bass riff and guitar coming in well with the album from the first thru last.  Sounding like a heavy blues number with metal elements with cool grooves on this record. 

The bottom line!  This great record with former band mates with the lovely hot looking trios!  I hope can get recognition from this release.  I hope since now I steamed it.  I can’t wait to put my hard earned on this record soon enough. I do hope they keep doing this!!

Rise of the Guardians Review (Spoilers beware)

I have watched this movie about two weeks ago I still remember the movie,  I have to say a movie about Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth fairy, The Sandman and Jack Frost looking into movie like that did I ever think it was going to be good with all the fairy tales coming together. 

Yes!  I thought so and apparently it can came out to be good when I expected to be.  I always feel that it wasn’t going to be as good due to the phasing of the movie.   but so far it came out well for both children and adults to enjoy with the fun moments that this movie brings to the audience.  Importantly I love how the films visual effects shines out so well!  it is just amazing coming from the studios that bought you Sherk  series and Antz!  It’s great to see Dreamworks brings to the table.  I like the fight scenes that between Sandman and the Boogieman going against each other showing the visual that comes in the fight scenes together.  Which brings the film such wonders.  especially the fun moments when Jack Frost was in the town playing with the kids with the trail of ice that creating an ice slide that Jack Frost did when the kid was using ice slide across town. 

The Plot
The spirit of winter, Jack Frost (Chris Pine), is lifted with no previous memory from the depths of a frozen pond by the Man in the Moon, only to discover that no one can see, hear, or touch him. Three-hundred years later, at the North Pole, Nicholas St. North, better known as Santa Claus (Alec Baldwin), becomes aware that Pitch Black, the Boogeyman (Jude Law), has returned and is threatening the children of the world. After alerting fellow Guardians the Tooth Fairy/Toothiana (Tooth for short) (Isla Fisher), the Easter Bunny/E. Aster Bunnymund (Hugh Jackman), and the Sandman (Sandy for short) to the problem, North learns that Jack has been selected by the Man in the Moon as the new recruit. Jack, frustrated and hurt by centuries of isolation, declines the invitation, but North persuades him to cooperate by explaining their mission and the looming threat.
It has a good plot line and love the story behind it, it was good mash up the fairy tale story coming together I really liked,  but the only thing is that its something that I wouldn’t watch all the time since this doesn’t come close to a classic or best as of any animation that this Disney has,  If anything else I love Wrech it Ralph!  That movie had references from the old school arcade games that I played when I was a kid that right there enjoy so much, but this Rise of the Guardians is good but doesn’t come close to Wrech it Ralph.  I give it 7/10.  for the story and the visual effects that comes amazing this current generation 3D animations.  

Otakuplex Reposting of Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children

 I have made a post on the otakuplex,  I’m sharing my post from my blog that talks on Japanese Culture,  so far the blog itself has been quite I might getting back into doing blog on japanese culture that goes in japanese and everyday things that goes over there.  But over all if any of my readers care I have a Shinra Flag that I have posted up on E-bay that it’ll be around for the next two days! So go get it while its up!  Link down below. 

Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children

Store Management and Recent Life Transitions.

So far I had a big transition going from one thing to another,  Its really been heavy with E-Bay and projects I have with the game and web design,  I have a tight schedule now that I have been depending on E-Bay to make a income and that’s the only I been getting thru now.  I have been job searching for a while on my bike going around town 20 miles in two towns I been since yesterday Afternoon From Stockbridge to Jonesboro in GA where I live here,  its was a great ride no dough but when I came back home,  I was tried as hell that I had just to jump into bed after words,  Now I’m up uploading listing on E-Bay trying to get a couple of things sold on there. 

 Like Jane’s Addiction’s New Live DVD that I won from a contest,  its was awesome to see that I won the contest and its not like win contest every day here.  Its cool that I got it but I’m not going to keep anything that I’m not going to watch,  beside I’m not a Jane’s Addiction Fan to be honest I like some of their songs but I couldn’t say i’m a fan for sure. 
If anyone want it you can buy it Here.   You’ll be glad that you bought it!  
I’ll be listing in more items tomorrow because I’m tried to be listing this late, since I only had for 4 hours of sleep yesterday.  so now think about it.  I have been up for a while.  
Before I start sleeping I’m going to be listing allot of items that’ll be in the fixed listed and only reason is that its free to list it this week and I won’t be doing auctions this week because of the big fee E-bay slaps on everyone and sure as hell like to be paying for one and now this month i have now go pay one! just Terrible,  If only more people was buying from me….But what can you do about it?  Not much really.  Since I’m still going thur the struggles to paying the bills. I tell you that business is doing decently but its not to bad.  I have to keep posting and make sure that I keep this business active as much as I can.  
(Here’s a tip if you do plan on running your business on ebay, watch for the fees and know what people are going to be purchasing,  You’ll know that here’s so many picky people out there that want to be specific about current items.